Sunday, February 27, 2005

Brain Teaser

FOr the UP College of Medicine -- Should we admit students who will pass the boards? or get students who will serve the communities?

For the first option, we need to get excellent students on admission. This is easy because GWAs have a direct correlation with passing the boards. Good academic standing also ensures that they will eventually pass the boards. But making academic excellence a criterion means we are not necessarily getting studnets who are willing to serve the country and therefore we should form them well in the next 5 years so they will decide to serve in communities.

For the second option, we need to get dedicated students on admission and form them so they will acquire enough academic maturity to pass the boards. Getting such students is a difficult process. First, only a few students at that age know that they want to do in life. Second, willingness to serve is a very subjective criteria. It can even be faked. But if the Admissions Committee is successful and accepts students who are willing to serve, the College is now burdened with the reponsibility to form them academically so they will pass the boards.

It all goes back to our vision and mission.

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