Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August 1: Hanoi-Manila

Hanoi to Manila

Settled Eric's and Anton's hotel

Long trip back home. Great time with Patrick...

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Friday, July 20, 2007

July 4: Las Vegas to Philly

Whew. Expensive taxi (USD30!). But off to Philly through Chicago. Experienced my first thorough airport check-in security check-up. Good to have WiFI (USD 7) in O'Hare. Checked in at Courtyard Inn in Philly -- arriving 12 midnight.

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July 5: Philly to NLM

Took all day to travel from Philly to NLM. Left luggage in Union Station and then fixed all monetary affairs in NLM. Good to meet up with Dr F and Erick Ducut. Dinner with Eric and family. Great to be back in their home.

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July 6th: Hopkins Telemedicine

Eric drops me off at Vienna and I head on to Hopkins (nearly missed the train). Met up with Alex and Chri s in Baltimore. Then off to Metro Park station with Cip picking me up. Checkers for dinner.

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July 7: Six Flags

Peter Pan PIzza

Kingda Ka

Superman the Ride

The Great American Scream Machine

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July 8: Philippine Community Center

Attended mass with Cip then headed off for South Jersey Philippine Community center (205 South Whitehorse Pike, Stratford, NJ).

A few UPMASA people were there (Mike and Liz DL, Wee B, Chelle BJ, Paul F, et al).

Gace a talk. New insights: global health course for UPMASA.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 2 -- Big Day

Presented my JBP Chair. Attarcted a lot of attention. Thank you Lord!

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July 3 -- Walk, walk, walk

Haha. After the workshop with UPMASA, I spent the night breaking the casino bank (yes, I won 25 dollars), and walking around the strip from Wynn to Circus then back then again to Denny's but chickened out.

Finally got my steak at Terrace Pointe inside Wynn :(

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July 4 on air

Spent most of July 4th on the air -- that is on a plane. Left Vegas in the morning towards Chicago. After a four hour stopover, finally reached Philadelphia at 11PM. Yes, I missed the fireworks! :(

O'Hare had good wifi though...

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Halfway around the world

Jetlagged. Now in Candlewood Las Vegas trying to get some sleep. It's 5pm in Manila so what do we expect?

When I checked in, I learned about the terror plot in UK and Glasgow and the heightened alert in LAX. I hope it all settles down within the week because I'll be there soon...

Room has gigabit Internet! I can send video to the Orange Kubo Hotel.

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