Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ateneo Grand Homecoming

I attended the Ateneo homecoming - really to buy Ateneo paraphernalia (and to grab a bite). Instead, I had a long talk with Ching CheeKee and Atty Ben Olivas (79). Jimmy Hofi was there too.

Dinner was crispy pata and beef-liversteak. But what made it most enjoyable was talking with your mentor and exchange ideas as peers. I would think CK was most pleased to see her 'kids' swarming up to her, trying to get her attention.

Sigh. Ateneo. The programming is just to deep. As I shared to CK, after looking around and seeing all the powerful men of civil society: what has Ateneo contributed to society after forming all of them?

I guess I would have to answer that question myself first. Then I would know.

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